Why is necessary a business association for gays and lesbians or gay-friendly in Catalonia?

We advance this association to improve the profitability of the sector business, promoting Catalonia as specific touristic LGTB destination, but also to offer legal services to our members, shopping discounts, employment bureau and business transfer, investments and everything that each one, from her/his experience and own way, want to contribute in the future.

We are the best representation tool ahead of the administrations; we have full rights at Catalonian LGBT Council and at Barcelonan LGTB Council.  We are members of the permanent of PIMEC, ILGA, ILGTA, INTERPRIDE and EPOA.

We have achieved that Barcelona (and Catalonia, by extension) has a popular and non-profit Pride celebration that in a mass meeting represent the diversity and wealth of the LGTB community.