What We Do?


  • To improve the profitability of our businesses through joint and commons actions that benefit to all us.

  • To offer common services to our members: legal, shopping discounts, employment bureau and business transfer, investments, etc.

  • To promote Barcelona and Catalonia as specific touristic destination for Gays and Lesbians, and advise the administrations for they also assume this objective and deploy it, without going through the till again.

  • To encourage and promote the visibility of LGTB community inside and outside Catalonia with our public activities and supporting all kind of entities and associations, publics and privates, Catalans and international that defend de LGTB rights.

  • To promote the consolidation and visibility of the “Gaixample” as a “gay district” of Barcelona, with an international perspective, with joint tourism and commercial promotion initiatives.

  • To have a direct, representative and fluid relationship with the different organs in the administrations than can have relation with the members’ activity and the LGTB community.

  • We organize an annual Pride Barcelona celebration, with national call, festive nature and non-profit character that is an exponent of the visibility of our community as much in Spain as Internationally.