ACEGAL is a member of PIMEC Comerç. Thanks to it, our partners can benefit from some advantages:

  • Information about regulations and legislation (by professional sectors).
  • Information about administrative, accounting and fiscal changes.
  • Training courses.


ACEGAL takes special care to maintain optimal institutional relations, which that favour the understanding between our partners and the Administration.

  • Representing the interests of all partners in municipal and general initiatives.
  • Representation and consultation when dealing with issues that affect the activities of our members. Acting as a liaison between them and the local and regional authorities.


ACEGAL negotiates special costs and rates its members can benefit from:

  • Global negotiation with banks to obtain advantageous treatment.
  • Central purchasing of products useful for associates, thus obtaining more competitive cost.


ACEGAL favours that its partners can access legal services:

  • Advising on legal, accounting, insurance issues.
  • Advantageous rates through partner companies.


ACEGAL organizes mass events like PRIDE Barcelona or the Trade Show among others. These initiatives benefit our members. In addition, our members have lower rates in case they want to participate in these events:

  • Special rate for partners to participate in the samples
  • Special rate for partners to participate in PRIDE.
  • Special rate for partners to advertise in PRIDE Magazine.


ACEGAL offers services and means to its members to promote their activities, and to encourage interaction between partners.

  • Chance to benefit from our presence in social networks to spread major and extraordinary activities organised by partners.
  • Chance to use our headquarters´ meeting room.
  • Receiving a monthly ACEGAL´s bulletin and newsletters with news and information of interest to members.