C/ Valldonzella, 6 – 08001 Barcelona

We at Holala have dedicated the last 40 years to our passion: vintage clothing and recycling. We travel all over the world, visiting all the flea markets and the textile recycling industries to be able to carefully select pieces, one by one. We are one of the few places in Europe that can offer vintage clothing of high quality, not only from USA, but also from Japan, Europe, Canada and Australia.

In 1992 we opened Holala Plaza in Barcelona, a shop dedicated to the urban culture. At Holala Plaza you can find more than just vintage clothing, because there is also antique furniture imported from France and from the United States, old video games, skates and surfboards from the 80s, watches, sunglasses, art and fashion magazines and books and even a black board where many street artists have expressed themselves through their art. We like to welcome a large number of events, mostly street art exhibitions or pop music concerts.

We also supply our unique vintage pieces to television productions, advertising and films!