PRIDE Barcelona

In 2008 ACEGAL created PRIDE Barcelona a massive celebration of LGBTI pride. While this type of event was already being held in many other European cities, it had not yet been done in the Catalan capital. Since then, ACEGAL has been organizing PRIDE Barcelona annually, which takes place in the city around June 28th. The association has the support of more than 30 social organizations and more than 200 volunteers, together with which ACEGAL has worked to consolidate PRIDE Barcelona as the Mediterranean’s main LGBTI pride celebration. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic, so that, year after year, the focus of the event is on the issues that most affect the LGBTI community. By organizing activities related to the chosen topic, awareness and knowledge of some aspect of the community are promoted.  On the other hand, the celebration of PRIDE Barcelona has managed to place the Catalan capital among the main LGBTI tourist destinations.

Visit Gay Barcelona

One of ACEGAL’s main objectives is to consolidate Barcelona as a favourite LGBTI tourist destination. The organization of PRIDE Barcelona has been an important factor in achieving this goal. In addition, ACEGAL has designed an ambitious tourism plan that is currently in full swing. The association has forged an alliance with Turisme Barcelona to promote LGTBI tourism in our city. Together, they have launched the project Visit Gay Barcelona, ​​a powerful communication campaign that includes the creation of a new website and increasing presence on social networks through the launch of new social profiles. Also, thanks to this collaboration, the LGTBI+ map of Barcelona will reach a circulation of 60,000 copies and will exceed 100 distribution points. In addition, Fam Trips will be organized with international press agents.


One of the basic objectives of ACEGAL is to support and promote the LGBTI community and the companies that offer it their services. To achieve this, it is necessary to consolidate the Gaixample as Barcelona’s gay district. Currently, the Gaixample brings together the largest concentration of shops and services aimed at the LGBTI public within the city and, consequently, it is the community’s main meeting point in Barcelona. The project promoted by ACEGAL is to increase the visibility of the Gaixample and to invigorate neighbourhood life, strengthening ties with the neighbourhood, promoting initiatives that promote social cohesion and organizing activities that help to create community, allowing us to “make a neighbourhood“. ACEGAL aspires to follow the example of neighbourhoods like Castro, in San Francisco, London’s Soho or Madrid’s Chueca, and to consolidate Gaixample nationally and internationally as Barcelona’s gay neighbourhood.

Christmas Lights

One of the shopping centres’ most characteristic features during the Christmas season is the festive lighting lining the busy streets.

The effect this Christmas lighting has on the nearby businesses is clear with both locals and tourists flocking to these neighbourhoods to carry out their Christmas shopping.

The areas decorated with Christmas lights become more attractive to stroll through, a reason why these lights are necessary in order to compete with other shopping areas within the city and to ensure a successful Christmas season for Gaixample establishments.

In ACEGAL, we organize and coordinate with more than 100 establishments in the area so that the neighbourhood streets are able shine brightly during Christmas.

Business Fairs

In ACEGAL, we want to bring the Gaixample district’s around-the-corner businesses and its residents, as well as other Barcelona locals and those visiting the city closer together so that everyone can enjoy the great places Gaixample has to offer.

To accomplish this, we organize the Business Fair, a unique occasion for establishments and artisans to take to the streets to bring their products and services to the people.

It is a special day, full of children’s activities, family-friendly shows and performances for adults too, as well as a carefully selected offer of restaurants, all to ensure a fully festive day.

The Association organizes this event so that it coincides with the two times during the year with the highest number of visitors in the neighbourhood, that is, in summer, and within the framework of the West Eixample’s main neighbourhood festival, in autumn.

Pink Friday

Consumer habits change rapidly so ACEGAL pays close attention to the latest market trends.

Pink Friday is an innovative initiative promoted by the Association which takes advantage of the highly-followed American tradition of Black Friday in Spain.

This day of discounts and other promotions allows the around-the-corner business and restaurant owners to make the most of this event, which has become the kick off to the Christmas shopping season.